Temporary Maintenance Mechanic Carpenter

Performs carpentry and related construction and miscellaneous general maintenance work for buildings and exhibits.
Essential Functions
1.       Performs routine and finished carpentry which may include repairing, restoring, renovating, painting, finishing and building.
2.       Builds and installs concrete forms and walkways; performs miscellaneous masonry and stucco work; installs and repairs windows and glass.
3.    Constructs and installs cabinetry, shipping crates, etc.
4.    Installs fencing and wire mesh enclosures.
5.   Operates and maintains in good repair various tools of the trade.
6.    Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.
Knowledge and Ability Requirements
1.       High school diploma or equivalent, trade school or related training and a minimum of four years of work experience in carpentry.
2.       Based on the skills profile of the maintenance staff, additional skills in one or more of the following trades are preferred and may be required: welding, painting, masonry, fiberglass repair, heavy equipment operation, etc.
3.       Demonstrated knowledge of carpentry including industry standards and codes, practices, methods, techniques, tools, equipment, materials, hazards and safety precautions.
4.       Ability to interpret and work from written job specifications, diagrams, design drawings, etc.
5.       Ability to work methodically and effectively without immediate supervision and cooperatively with co-workers, supervisors, other departments and outside contractors.
6.       Successful completion of an oral or written test of mechanical/technical skills and of knowledge of the mathematics required for taking measurements, calculating materials needs, etc.
7.       Ability to present clear and accurate information both orally and in writing.
8.       Demonstrated interest in staying abreast of field.
9.       Professional appearance and manner.
10.    Valid motor vehicle operators license. Ability to operate a motor vehicle with either a standard or automatic transmission.
11.    Able to work a flexible schedule which may include weekends, holidays, evenings and overtime when required.

Physical Requirements
1.       Successful completion of a post offer medical screening and drug test prior to beginning work.  Immunocompetence (able to respond appropriately to infectious diseases which may be present in the animal collection.)
2.       Capable of performing strenuous and/or heavy physical labor.
3.       No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance and agility of movement (which cannot be corrected with appropriate devices) which would interfere with the ability to work.
4.       Ability to safely lift, carry and load 50 pounds a distance of 50 feet.
5.       Ability to safely work from heights or in confined spaces.
6.       Ability to work outside in all weather conditions.
7.       No allergies to animals, plants or the materials or chemicals used during the performance of work which may interfere with ability to perform work.
8.       Ability to remain on feet for long periods, climb stairs, bend and stoop.
9.       Physical capacity to endure exposure to inclement weather, dust, potentially dangerous and unpredictable animal species, and potentially dangerous machinery, restraint devices and hazardous chemicals and/or drugs.  Use of protective clothing and/or equipment may be required for some tasks (goggles, masks, respirator, gloves, braces, hats, gowns, boots, etc.).
Additional Requirements
1.       Satisfactory completion of a background check including driving and criminal records prior to starting work.

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