1859 Society

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Amey
Ms. Susan L. Anderson
Mr. Eric D. Ashton
Mr. Donald G. Baker
Ms. Katherine G. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Cory M. Baritz
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Barr
Mrs. Margaret Beaver
Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Beuttenmuller
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Biddle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Binnion
Ms. Laura M. Blome
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Burke
Mr. Francis J. Carey, Jr.
Ms. Betsyann Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Cheston, Jr.
Mrs. Robert V. Clark, Jr.
Mr. Donald G. Cleaver
Ms. Karen W. Coleman
Mr. Wallace E. Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Contino
Mr. Anthony P. Cooper
Mr. R. T. Croft
Mr. and Mrs. John B. DeVries
Mr. Robert G. Dickson
Mrs. Anne R. Donnell
Ms. Gale Wenk duPont
Ms. Judith Ehrman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Flowers
Ms. Mary Alice Gallagher
Ms. Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Ms. Lisa M. Gemmill
Mr. Peter G. Gould and Ms. Robin M. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Grant
Mrs. Florence M. Hauber
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hettler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Hooper
Mrs. Patricia P. Hueber
Ms. Gail A. Inderwies
Ms. Louise P. Johnson
Mrs. Leonette J. Knetzger
Mrs. Deen Kogan
Ms. Barbara J. Kopf
Mr. C. Scott Kulicke and Dr. Danielle V. Kulicke
Mrs. Mary Valentine Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Lapayowker
Mr. Robert M. Lauman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Lee, Jr.

Ms. Linda J. Lipsky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. McMenamin
Mr. and Mrs. F. William McNabb III
Mrs. Harry M. Meyers, Jr.
Mrs. Blanche V. Miller
Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran
Mr. David E. Moyer and Ms. Gail M. Golightly
Mr. Drew A. Moyer
Ms. Martha A. Murphy
Mr. Mary H. Murphy
Ms. Jeanne C. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Pearson
Ms. Melinda Piotti
Mr. Rodney B. Platt and Ms. Brenda J. Norris
Ms. Katherine B. L. Platt and Mr. David Dondero
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton T. Platt
Mrs. Constance M. Plumb
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Prince
Ms. Linda Rink
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rosenberg
Mr. and Ms. Gerald Sablosky
Ms. Sandy Sander
Ms. Joyce E. Schaefer
Mr. David B. Schaffer and Ms. Sandra Kuritzky
Ms. Shirlee B. Schaub
Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Schultz
Ms. Gail E. Seygal
Mrs. Amy S. Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Shelley
Ms. Sheila Siderman and Mr. Jerry Palin
Ms. Karen L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Smith
Mr. James C. Solly
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Steiner
Ms. Lorraine Stelweck
Ms. Wendy K. Steward
Ms. Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales
Mr. and Mrs. A. Alexander Trupp, Jr.
Ms. Beatrice E. Wallway
Ms. Elizabeth S. Warsaw
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Washburn
Mr. Gerald Weales
Mr. Edward B. Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Welsh
Mr. Rainer J. Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Williams
Mrs. Margaret H. Wolcott
Mrs. Lida A. Wright
Mr. Charles D. Zern

The 1859 Society honors those who have thoughtfully provided for the Philadelphia Zoo's future by including the Zoo in their estate plans. Planned gifts are charitable contributions that require some consideration to family, state, and tax implications as well as charitable concerns.