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Philadelphia Zoo is a leader in animal care, exhibition and breeding and participates in conservation programs around the world to safeguard wild animal populations and their habitats. The Zoo is on a mission, and we need your support to continue day-to-day and year-to-year to advance discovery, understanding and stewardship of the natural world. In addition to feeding 1,300 rare and exotic animals, the Zoo's budget supports a dedicated team of keepers, support staff and full-time veterinary care, and pays for exhibit and garden maintenance and much of the Zoo's educational programming.

Making a Tribute Gift?  First select your Amount and Frequency and then select "This contribution is a tribute". Please fill out as much information as possible.

Here are just some ways your gift will make a difference:

$25 admits two students who otherwise couldn't afford to pay for a class trip to the Zoo

$50 buys fish for our birds and lettuce for our reptiles for a week

$75 buys honey for our bears for six months

$100 buys 100 lbs. of apples for our African Plains animals

$250 feeds one big cat for 3 weeks

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