Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to ride?

The cost is $3 per person per ride. Adults that are required to ride with their children will not be charged and cannot ride on one of the animals. They must be on the ride to support their child.

Is it part of Family Deluxe?

The new carousel is not part of our family deluxe package. The family deluxe package will continue to have swan boats, PZ Express, camel rides, pony rides, and draft horse rides as a part of the package.

Where was the Carousel manufactured?

The carousel was manufactured by Wooddesign Company in Holland.

What are the animals made from?

All figures are made of the best quality Linden wood, which has been dried in drying chambers and glued together using 2-component seawater and acid resistant glue. The animals are hand carved wooden creatures and we have used FSC-certified wood. FSC-certified forests are managed to ensure long-term timber supplies, while protecting the environment and the lived of forest-dependent people.

How many animals are on the ride?

There are 29 moving animals and one stationary wheelchair accessible animal.

What about the lights on the carousel?

We are using LED lighting reducing the electric power requirement for lighting from 20 kilowatts to 7 kilowatts.

How long is the ride?

The length of the ride can vary, but we average a 2-minute time frame.

What are the animals on the carousel, and how much does it cost to sponsor one?

Inner Ring    
Capybara   $2,500
Scarlet ibis   $2,500
Wooly monkey   $2,500
Giant armadillo   $2,500
Parrot   $2,500
Middle Ring    
Toucan   $5,000
Parrot   $5,000
Poison frog   $5,000
Capucine monkey   $5,000
Iguana   $5,000
Outer Ring    
Caiman   $7,500
Jaguar   $7,500
Puma   $7,500
Butterfly   $7,500
Outer Ring, Special Rides    
Basket with anaconda   $10,000
Turtle with wheelchair accessibility   $10,000
Other Specials    
Harpy eagle   $1,000
Birds on side of roof   $250