Top Roars of the Week

From high school students in their classroom to scout groups in the Zoo's overnight program, kids of all ages are roaring to save big cats. Hover over the photo below to view the gallery.


In 2012, the Philadelphia Zoo announced its 5-year commitment to addressing the impact of palm oil on endangered wildlife, like orangutans and tigers. Children from across the region joined in this movement reaching over 500,000 with their orangutan awareness campaigns! From kindergarteners to scout groups, children of all ages have been engaged as animal advocates. This year, the Zoo is also working to protect big cats impacted by palm oil, like tigers and jaguars.
Palm oil is the world’s most widely produced vegetable oil and is found in a wide array of common products, including cookies, crackers, breakfast cereals, chips, chocolate and ice cream. Palm oil can be found in almost 50% of packaged foods and is an ingredient in many other items like shampoo, cosmetics, lipstick, lotions and cleaning and laundry products. Since companies listen to their customers, we are asking our Zoo audiences to positively encourage them to use deforestation-free palm oil which doesn't destroy critical endangered wildlife habitat. Many kids have already risen to the occasion and are sending in their best "roar" to show support for deforestation-free palm oil.  

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