Stripe Out for Big Cats


Make a roar for big cat conservation!

To celebrate the opening of Big Cat Crossing on May 10, help us build awareness for big cat conservation by changing your profile picture or avatar to tiger stripes on whichever social media platforms you use most and spreading the word to everyone you know.

As we celebrate the Year of the Big Cat, we're encouraging our guests to be "big cat heroes" and protect these species.

What You Can Do

Simply click on the name of a social media platform to the right to download an image optimized for that platform's dimensions, or just click the tiger stripes graphic to the right. Then, just change your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you're active.


  1. Download the image.
  2. Change your profile picture(s)
  3. Spread the word!

It's that easy! Do your part to help us build awareness for big cat conservation. Together, we can protect these magnificent animals.