Sunday, May 13, 2018
Sunday, June 10, 2018


10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in at the north gallery of KidZooU Hamilton Family Children's Zoo & Faris Family Education Center.


Registration maximum: 10 people per group
*If you would like to register a group larger than 10 people, please contact

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Philadelphia Zoo staff have been saving wildlife for decades and we want to share our stories with you!

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to meet a member of Zoo’s team and hear about their first-hand experience with animal care and conservation. This is your chance to get the inside scoop from animal experts and find out what you can do every day to help save wildlife through hands-on games and activities. This series of events is open to all ages and there is no cost to attend.

Pre-registration is highly encouraged, as space is limited for these programs. Fill out the form below to register your group. This program can accept up to 50 people. If the program fills, you will be added to a waitlist.

Location: All programs take place inside our KidZooU’s Faris Family Education Center.

Upcoming ZooTales

Caring For An Elderly Condor with Catherine Vine 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Come hear about “Princess” one of the Philadelphia Zoo’s oldest residents, having lived here since 1955! She is an Andean condor, already a near-legendary bird species, but Princess herself has many stories to tell. Bird keeper Catherine Vine will share some of these stories. We will also celebrate International Migratory Bird Day by showing you how you can help some of Princess’s relatives in your own neighborhood.  

Supporting Snow Leopards with Dr. Tim Georoff

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Come hear from one of the Philadelphia Zoo’s resident veterinarians and his work to help study and protect the wild snow leopards of the Himalayas. You will hear firsthand accounts of tracking the snow leopards in their mountain homes and what is being done to bring them back from the edge of extinction. We will also show you how decisions you make every day about energy use can help the snow leopards, too. 

Be on the lookout to register for this upcoming ZooTale.

Past ZooTales

Saving the Rodrigues Fruit Bat with Kim Lengel

Sunday March 18, 2018 

For our first ZooTale, we will be hearing from Kim Lengel, VP of Conservation and Education. Kim has spent decades bringing the Rodrigues fruit bat, a crucial pollinator on the island of Rodrigues, back from the brink of extinction. Thanks to Kim’s work, the population of this bat has recently reached new heights and the species is no longer considered critically endangered. We will also show you how you can support our own neighborhood pollinators, helping us to ensure a bright future for Philadelphia!

Tropical Frog Conservation with Carlos Martinez Rivera 

Sunday, April 8, 2018 

Come hear Dr. Carlos Martinez Rivera discuss his conservation research helping to save frogs and other amphibians in the Caribbean, the South American Andes, and even hear in Pennsylvania. Amphibians are currently the most endangered group of animals in the world, so his work is fighting back against extinction. We will also show you how you can help save frogs and toads in Philadelphia and even how you can help Carlos’s research by participating in FrogWatch USA.