Exploring Big Cat Falls with the Tigers


amur tiger

Over the years, our resident female tigers, Kira and Chang, have visited all the habitats in Big Cat Falls, and this week, it was the new boys’ turn! While our tiger habitat is under construction for the next couple of weeks, the keepers have taken this opportunity to encourage Wiz and Dmitri to investigate the other habitats. As happened when the door first opened to the tiger yard, Wiz was the most comfortable leaving the tiger bedrooms, while Dmitri took several minutes to consider his options before following.
From their new vantage point behind the scenes in the main building, the boys get to spend time in bedrooms that face the food prep kitchen and playing in a segment of transfer tunnel suspended along the keepers’ office. They love the activity and attention!
In the next few weeks, if you follow the path out of KeyBank Big Cat Falls Theatre, you will often find the tiger boys romping about in one of the two courtyard habitats.

Kay BuffamonteBy Kay Buffamonte, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Lead Keeper