Fun facts about our Amur tigers



Four Amur tigers call Philadelphia Zoo their home. Kira arrived here in 1998, about a year after being born in Germany's Leipzig Zoo. Her daughter Changbai was born here in 2007 and still lives with her mother. Brothers Wiz and Dmitri arrived earlier this year from the Columbus Zoo. 


Kira is the eldest of our tigers and will be turning 17 years old in just a few weeks. She has given birth to four litters, producing triplets each time, for a total of twelve cubs. Changbai was part of the most recent litter, in 2007. Her favorite foods are liver and fish, especially herring.


Called "Chang" for short, Changbai was named after the Changbaishan Nature Reserve in the Changbai Mountains of China, where Amur tigers can be found. Born to Kira in 2007 as part of Kira's fourth and final litter of cubs, Changbai is now about 60 lbs. heavier than her mother. But even with the size advantage, Changbai still respects her mother's authority and lets her be in charge.

Wiz and Dmitri

Although Wiz and Dmitri are twins, they have different birthdays. Dmitri was born on June 28, 2012, just before midnight, while Wiz was born just a few minutes later on June 29, 2012, just after midnight. These growing boys eat more than 8 lbs. of meat every day. If you can't tell them apart by the method we explained a few weeks ago, another way to distinguish them is by the freckle on Wiz's nose.

Jen RobertsonJen RobertsonBy Jen Robertson, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Keeper