Welcoming Wiz and Dmitri


Make sure you visit the zoo this spring to help welcome the newest additions to our big cat family. Our two young Amur tiger twins, Dmitri and Wiz, have joined us from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. These two will be sure to bring a smile to your face as they frolic around their exhibit and boldly go where no cat has gone before in our new Big Cat Crossing tunnel system. 

Wiz and Dmitri

Dmitri, the older brother by a few hours, has a very playful personality. He loves his toys and can sometimes be a little selfish and steal toys from his brother, Wiz. Wiz, on the other hand, is a little more calm and collected, and he has a very relaxed personality. 
Tiger stripes are an adaptation to their environment, which helps to camouflage these cats. Tigers live and hunt in tall grass and tangled undergrowth. Stripes break up and hide the outline of their body, helping to blend in with the background so they can sneak up on their prey undetected. 

Tiger stripes are unique for each individual. Just like human finger prints, no tiger has the same stripe pattern.  An easy way to tell these boys apart from each other is to check out the stripes above their left eyes.  Dmitri has a sideways “v” pattern above his left eye, while Wiz has a solid black triangle there. 


By Anna Ryan, KeyBank Big Cat Falls KeeperAnna Ryan