Cubs in Jaguar Yard

Lions on the Move


The lion family is on an adventure this week! All through the fall, the lions have been able to watch the leopards use the more densely planted middle yard, which is adjacent to the lion yard. The cubs had their first opportunity to explore that yard for themselves with their ever attentive parents earlier this week.

They really enjoyed it!

As is usually the case, Kataba was first to follow mom into the new space, with siblings not far behind.  Makini brought up the rear initially, but he made his way straight across the yard to join Tajiri in monitoring their closest cat neighbors. As a focused male, Makini spent most of the rest of his time patrolling the far fence line, leaving Tajiri and the cubs free to explore the yard.

For the cubs, it was a day of firsts. First time to transfer from one yard to another using a tunnel segment, first time to climb a series of big rocks, first time to slide into a (currently dry) pool basin, and first time to see guests at the entrance and exit pavilions in KeyBank Big Cat Falls. And they took advantage of these chances! Guests were able to watch them climb the falls, run in the dry creek bed, investigate pine trees, and help dad watch the tiger yard. A big day of new things!

Join us in KeyBank Big Cat Falls this winter to see cats on the move!

Kay BuffamonteBy Kay Buffamonte, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Lead Keeper