A Rocky Road for Tigers



Sunday, July 20, is National Ice Cream Day. Yum!

But before you scream for ice cream, we’d like you to roar for big cats. Tigers and other wildlife are losing their habitat as a result of forest destruction to produce palm oil, an ingredient found in many of your favorite ice cream flavors.

Join UNLESS Project advoCATes by sending your best “roar face” to General Mills. General Mills makes many products that contain palm oil, including Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Hear Us Roar photos will show General Mills that we’re thrilled they’ve recently committed to use palm oil that doesn’t destroy forests, and we’d like to know more about their next steps.

Why do we care about deforestation-free palm oil?

Because most palm oil comes from plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sumatra, where critically endangered animals like tigers, orangutans and rhinos are found. When pristine tropical forests are converted into palm oil plantations, 85% of the species that lived in them lose their homes.

So make sure General Mills hears you roar. Then treat yourself to two scoops!

Jen RobertsonMarina StuartBy Marina Stuart, Conservation Associate