Get to know our pumas


Dakota, Cinnabar and Sage are our three pumas that reside in KeyBank Big Cat Falls. Arriving in 2005 as five-month-old orphaned kittens, the trio has done nothing but thrive in Philadelphia. As you visit the Zoo, you may find the siblings in any one of our four topped yards or overhead in the new Big Cat Crossing trail system.

All three are playful when it comes to small toys that they can bat around and chase. They each receive 2-2.5 lbs. of meat each day and bones twice a week. They also receive a variety of enrichment items; their favorites are chicks and fish. 

So how do you tell them apart? Dakota is the only male, and he is the largest at 143 lbs. He is a big and curious goofball, and often, his curiosity gets him into trouble with his with short-tempered sister Cinnabar. He is mild-mannered and non-aggressive towards other species of cats in our collection.   

Cinnabar can be very dramatic and often has something to say to her brother. However, she is very close to her sister, Sage, and 99% of the time they are found sleeping cheek-to-cheek while inside.  She is a great climber and is often the puma you will see high up in the tree while on exhibit. 

Sage is the smallest and the darkest of the trio. She goes with the flow and gets along with both siblings, although she is very close to her sister Cinny. She is very athletic and agile. 

Next time you stop by the Zoo, come by and say “hi” to the big cats. Even though the pumas do not have any unique spot or stripe pattern, you now just might be able to tell them apart!

Jen RobertsonJen RobertsonBy Jen Robertson, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Keeper