Pumas reach new heights



Pumas are some of the most adept cats when it comes to jumping and climbing. They have been known to leap 12 to 18 feet vertically and to use their toes against surfaces to project themselves even higher!

One of our yards in Big Cat Falls was designed with the pumas in mind: the back wall is lined with rocks several feet high. Cinnabar, the larger of the two females, can often even be found perching in trees on thin branches just a couple of inches in diameter.
So it is no surprise that this puma family has enjoyed the perspective that the Big Cat Crossing tunnel system gives them. Outdoors, they are often quiet, silently padding right over your head and following the tunnel along the guest path between the Theatre and Buck Base Camp. This past week, they were given the first access to the section that ranges over the main path. They spent some time monitoring the tigers’ activity below, but Dakota did enjoy “branching out” past the exit pavilion of Big Cat Falls and seeing a different view of the Zoo.

Whatever space they are using, be sure to look up high to find the pumas when you visit Big Cat Falls!

Kay BuffamonteBy Kay Buffamonte, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Lead Keeper