Amur leopards on the move


amur leopardIt has been a week of moves and changes for the Amur leopards in Big Cat Falls!

Our female, Emma, has been spending time in the large middle yard. From that yard, she has seen the tiger boys using the south Big Cat Crossing tunnel for the first time. She's also been up on a rock watching the male Amur leopard one day and pumas the next, in the north Big Cat Crossing tunnel.  It turns out that Makini, our young male lion, is very interested in Emma’s movements and drops down along the fence line in his yard to spend the day watching her scout the middle yard. Emma will be one of the next cats up in the south Crossing.

amur leopardKavan, our male Amur leopard, has also been part of the movement in BCF. Kavan shifts easily from one place to another, so this week, he is spending time in the second yard, while the pumas are traveling the north tunnel behind him. He climbs up onto the highest rocks to track their progress. Kavan has also spent time in the north tunnel, which runs along the big middle yard, allowing him to chat with Emma.

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Kay BuffamonteBy Kay Buffamonte, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Lead Keeper