Hard to spot


Amur leopard
Amur leopards are the most endangered of the big cats, with fewer than 40 remaining in their native Russian habitat. 

Philadelphia Zoo has been participating in key conservation efforts to help save this critically endangered species, including supporting the Tigris Foundation and successfully breeding Amur leopards at the Zoo. The wild population has increased through great anti-poaching patrols done by the Tigris Foundation. The Tigris Foundation is also working to reintroduce Amur leopards into parts of their former range—where they disappeared approximately 30 years ago, but where conditions seem more favorable right now. 

The Zoo has successfully bred our Amur leopards twice since 2000 as part of our participation in the national Species Survival Plan program. The future of the Amur leopard may look bleak, but it is not hopeless. We are committed to saving this species from extinction.

You can help save big cats by visiting KeyBank Big Cat Falls and becoming a big cat hero. 

By Kristen Waldron, Director of Conservation Education/IntegrationKristen Waldron