Talking scents with our Amur leopards


Amur leopards are one of my favorite species of cats. They are just so graceful and beautiful that it’s hard not to love them. 

Despite being so majestic, Amur leopards can sometimes come off as stoic or aloof.  That’s why I really enjoy giving these guys scent enrichment. They might ignore a new toy or paper product, but sprinkle a dash of clove or a drop of mint extract, and you’ve got a very happy, excited cat! 

Amur leopard

Our Amur leopards love to rub smelly enrichment all over their heads and necks and roll around in it like your dog at home might roll around a freshly mowed lawn.  It’s fun to watch Emma and Kavan and see what smells they prefer. Emma, our female, is very particular about perfumes. If she doesn’t like the smell, she immediately urinates on it to cover up the offensive odor.  On the other hand, Kavan, our male, is very simple in his preference: just cinnamon, please!

By Anna Ryan, KeyBank Big Cat Falls KeeperAnna Ryan