cubs with toy

Lion Cub Update


The lion quadruplets are four and a half months old!

Kataba, Mali, Msinga and Sabi are doing quite well, and they have learned some things over the last few weeks. They not only paw, lick and bite at their toys, but the cubs are now able pick up smaller ones and run with them. This causes no end of entertainment for the group!

From the Lion Marsh area of the guest path, you can watch as one cub with a toy attempts to blaze a trail across the yard, its siblings (and often mom!) in hot pursuit. Babies still tumble when trying to run though, so what starts as a chase often ends in a rolling spill of cubs.

All of this outdoor activity has also increased the cubs’ appetite for meat. When Tajiri is fed her own diet, she eats about seven pounds per day.  Lion cubs do have baby teeth, which they will shed for adult teeth as they grow, and currently the baby teeth are serving them well while the group is eating 23 pounds of meat daily.

It took a couple of weeks for the cubs to understand when meal time happens. Keepers teach the cats to come indoors for feeding, and now the cubs come running as soon as they’re called! Everybody lines up inside ready for their share.

Kay BuffamonteBy Kay Buffamonte, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Lead Keeper