Protecting snow leopards


The Philadelphia Zoo partners with Snow Leopard Trust to help conserve these endangered species. Snow Leopard Trust uses a combination of approaches to conservation that focus on partnering with communities in snow leopard habitat.

Snow Leopard Trust uses science and research to determine key habitats through mapping and monitoring. They also assess wildlife-human conflict levels and identify potential resources for conservation programs. Snow Leopard Trust field researchers conduct studies year round to gain insight about snow leopard habitat, their prey species, and the cats themselves.

Research cameras photograph wild snow leopards as they move throughout their home ranges, while GPS collars provide the opportunity to track an individual snow leopard’s movements for an entire year. You can see photos and videos of the individual snow leopards and follow their journey at Snow Leopard Trust's blog.

Many of Snow Leopard Trust's conservation programs are designed to help people in snow leopard areas increase their household income and raise their standard of living. As part of the program, these families agree to help protect the snow leopard and the unique habitat they share.

The Zoo is proud to have worked with Snow Leopard Trust for over a decade.

By Kristen Waldron, Director of Conservation Education/IntegrationKristen Waldron