Day 5 - The real flavor of Hatian Creole Blog Entry


Margaret's house
Margaret's house.
Acerola, a type of wild cherry throughout the Caribbean, being prepared for juice.
Haitian Creole
Awesome Haitian Creole cuisine, is very similar to Cuban or Puerto Rican dishes, but with its own Haitian twist

After a long week of planning meetings and workshops, I get to spend some time at the guesthouse where I’m staying so I can do more planning and writing...

Like I explained before, Haiti is a land of big contrasts and there are many reasons why. In general the country is not seen as a safe place, full of misery, disease and poverty. And many places in the country have fallen into such despair that this description cannot be more accurate. However, there are several heavens nested along the high mountains that surround Port- au- Prince, where peace and tranquility is possible. One such place is Margaret’s house in Thomassin, just up the hill from Pétion-Ville. I don’t know her last name but Margaret offers very nice accommodations and guesthouse services in what once was her family’s summer estate. It is a very large house with ample rooms and halls where she now lives alone. It is a reminder of better days, where a select group of affluent Haitians could splurge and live life to the fullest. Now those days are mostly gone for the majority of the middle-high class in the country and people are either extremely poor or very rich.

Margaret’s house is very quiet and peaceful and is tended by a three-person, full time staff that lives in her estate, in small quarters outside. It reminds me of times where human rights were of least concern to society, but nonetheless the team receives excellent benefit and pay and are treated with the utmost respect. We are all equals at Margaret’s house, just with different jobs and backgrounds.

Lenold takes care of the house and is a handyman, half-time cook and gardener, Rachoel is a full-time gardener/groundskeeper and half time handyman, and Sérieux, which means earnest in English, is the most awesome cook I’ve ever met, her dishes are all so excellent!

In all, I’ve learned that each society has it’s own ways and I cannot use my own judgment without a full understanding of the culture and society that surrounds me. Still, the weekend was full of peace and tranquility and I got everything ready for next week, where after a few more meetings, I will be ready to head out to the field for the first time next Wednesday!