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Will they still exist in the wild by 2020?


Meet Gerry Ellis: world-renowned photojournalist, award-winning documentarian, passionate conservationist, and Philadelphia Zoo partner in saving great apes.
We’ve joined forces with Gerry’s Great Apes 2020 project, and now Zoo audiences will have an exciting chance to be on the frontlines of gorilla conservation as we follow Gerry on an incredible 18-month journey across Western Africa and Southeast Asia.
From the Congo to Cameroon and Liberia, all the way to Indonesia and the Leuser Ecosystem, a global biodiversity hotspot in Sumatra, Gerry will investigate some of the most pressing issues facing great apes today, most notably deforestation for palm oil, timber, and pulp and paper.
Great ape heroes like you who follow Gerry as he explores forests, meets with local communities and businesses, and interviews government agencies will become part of the story. You’ll be able to access and share fantastic photos and videos, ask questions, and provide feedback as you gain a better understanding of the threats, needs, barriers, and possible solutions to protecting habitat for these amazing animals.
Watch the Zoo’s social media for photos and videos from Gerry as the story unfolds and we work together to answer the question, “Will they still exist in the wild by 2020?” with a resounding yes! 

Valerie PeckhamBy Valerie Peckham, Conservation Program Manager