Little Cats for Big Cats

Little Cats for Big Cats

Little cats everywhere are supporting Kellogg's and their leadership on deforestation-free palm oil!

The Riau Province of Sumatra is a hotspot for tigers and for palm oil. As large tracts of tropical forest continue to be lost, Sumatran tigers are restricted to small, disconnected patches of habitat with limited ability to move between them. But it doesn’t have to be this way—palm oil can be grown without destroying forests and habitat for big cats.

In February 2014, Kellogg’s stepped up its game and committed to use palm oil that’s deforestation-free. They’ve put together a clear plan to make it happen and have shared their initial progress.

Now little cats are meowing for big cats in Riau and encouraging Kellogg’s to keep up the grrreat work!

Join them!

I Support Deforestation-free Palm Oil!

Send a photo of your little cat with an “I Support Deforestation-free Palm Oil” message and be added to a photo gallery that will be shared with Kellogg’s.

I permit Philadelphia Zoo to use the photo I submit for other conservation initiatives.:

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