Public Safety Officer

General Description
To maintain a safe and secure Zoo environment for Zoo assets, guests, employees, volunteers, concessionaires, animals, and all other personnel of the Philadelphia Zoo. The Public Safety Officer will project positive public relations with a strong focus on guest satisfaction, while always promoting a positive image of Zoo and the Public Safety Department. 
Essential Job Functions
1.      Act as an Ambassador of the Philadelphia Zoo at all times.
2.      Perform all duties in accordance with established policies, procedures and guidelines.
3.      Enforce and abide by all rules, regulations and policies of the Philadelphia Zoo established by the Administration and the management of the Public Safety Department.
4.      Address and handle the public in a calm, professional and ethical manner; responding appropriately to guest requests and complaints in an accurate, courteous and prompt manner. 
5.      Respond to and enforce violations of local, state and federal laws and compliance with Zoo policies, with respect to infractions occurring on Zoo property and in the immediate perimeter area (includes parking lots). Infractions of the law occurring off Zoo property will require response but not enforcement. Those infractions will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies or Zoo department. 
6.      Respond to security related incidents occurring on zoo property, mitigating and defusing situations.
7.      Safeguard company assets, property, equipment and facilities against illegal and destructive acts.
8.      Respond to medical related situations and incidents; will administer first aid and CPR assistance (within certification and training limits) when appropriate and arrange for emergency medical attention through the duty supervisor as necessary.
9.      Respond to and control emergency situations; perform crowd control duties, administer first aid and CPR when appropriate (within certification and training limits), and arrange for emergency medical, fire and law enforcement response as determined necessary by Public Safety management.
10.  While on patrol or at a stationary post, will be vigilant to observe, report and note any possible safety or hazardous situations.
11.  Control access to the Zoo through assigned gates; checking, logging and   clearing authorized personnel and vehicles who present proper identification or passes when attempting to gain access to the zoo.
12.  Conduct building inspections and patrol the Garden.
13.  Respond to and manage all alarms i.e. intrusion, burglar, fire etc., as dispatched in coordination with the duty supervisor.  
14.  Perform all duties and responsibilities in a non-discriminatory manner.
15.  Ensure proper use and security of Zoo equipment; operate and maintain equipment and vehicles in accordance with established policies and procedures.
16.  Report to court as required and provide a professional, well versed presentation and appearance.
17.  Submit written reports, without exception, of all incidents and activities occurring on Zoo property and in the immediate perimeter area (includes parking lots) relative to the Philadelphia Zoo.
18.  Practice good safety awareness at all times. Ensure the cleanliness of the Zoo assisting in picking up trash.
19.  Maintain open and professional communication with Shift Supervisors and management.
20.  Maintain confidentiality and integrity of information disclosed, accidentally discovered or communicated as an Officer - with or without specific instructions to do so - of employees, guests and concession partners.
21.  Maintain strict confidentiality of information related to incidents or events involving the Zoo to unauthorized personnel i.e. radio, television, newspapers and other press/media personnel.
22.  Work irregular hours including weekends and holidays and overtime.
23. May be responsible to transport and account for money bags and daily receipts in accordance with established policies and internal controls for cash handling.
Non-Essential Job Functions
1.      Perform other duties as assigned.
Knowledge and Ability Requirements
1.      Minimum - High school diploma or equivalent.
2.      Prior experience in security field (proprietary or contract security force), law enforcement, military police, emergency services, completion of a recognized law enforcement or security academy  or college courses in criminal justice/ law enforcement/ public safety/ emergency management - a plus but not necessary.
3.      Must possess a valid motor vehicle driver’s license with a good driving record.                        
4.      Good verbal and written communication skills with the ability to read and write in English equivalent to a high school graduate.
5.      Must possess or able to successfully complete basic first aid, CPR and AED training within a month of hire date and maintain these certifications set forth by the American Red Cross or equivalent association.        
6.      Must function in a non-discriminatory manner.
7.      Must possess the ability to make mature and sound judgments, defuse and resolve conflicts.  
8.      Available to work a variety of shifts including days, evenings, and midnights as well as weekends and holidays and overtime.  

Physical and Medical Requirements

1.  Must be in good physical condition and able to successfully complete a post offer fit for duty medical evaluation, which includes a drug test and tuberculosis test.
2.  No significant uncorrected impairment of visual or auditory ability.
3.  Must be capable to stand or walk for long periods of time (approximately 100 % of their shift).
4.  Ability to climb stairs, bend and stoop during the execution of duties.
5.  Ability to lift and carry a weight up to 25 pounds.
6.  Ability to physically intervene or restrain persons acting in a disruptive or disorderly manner.
7.   Must possess a basic understanding of the Incident Command System (ICS)
8.   Must be able to work around plants and animals.

Additional Requirements

1.      Successful completion of a background investigation, including criminal convictions, credit check and driving records is a must.
Working Conditions
1.      Ability to patrol and monitor 42 acres on foot in all weather conditions.
2.      Ability to work all shifts and schedules including mandatory overtime.
3.      Ability to work “out of grade” as acting supervisor (SCS) with compensation.

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