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"UNLESS someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."   

Tigers, orangutans and other animals living in tropical forests are losing habitat as oil palm plantations expand to meet growing global demand for palm oil, a popular vegetable oil used in countries all over the world. The good news is oil palm is a highly productive crop that uses far less land to produce four to ten times more oil per hectare than alternatives like soybean and canola. The bad news is that forests will continue to disappear if we don’t act.
The UNLESS Project is building a global community to save habitat for wildlife by driving demand for palm oil that is “deforestation-free.”

Together we can save them.

Meet the Animals

Meet Five Animals

Many animals have lost their homes to oil palm plantations. Deforestation-free palm oil can meet their needs and ours.

Palm Oil and You

Palm Oil and You

Chances are you’re using products and eating foods that contain palm oil or palm oil derivatives every day. 

Be a CATalyst

Be a CATalyst for Change

People like you are saving wildlife. Join other UNLESS Project advocates already working together to save big cats.