Upcoming Events

The events below are open to public. Check out special events and exclusive previews available for Members and Friends of the Philadelphia Zoo.

Philly Rabbit Run 5K
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by Shake It Off, Inc.)
April 4 7 a.m.
Autism Awareness Day April 12 11 a.m.
Care to Carry On 5K
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by Care for the Cure Foundation)
April 19 7 a.m.
Sjogren's Walkabout and Family Fun Day
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation)
May 2 8:30 a.m.
Lung Love Run/Walk
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by Lung Cancer Alliance)
May 30 7 a.m.
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by the National Eating Disorders Association)
May 31 8 a.m.
Walk With Me
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by Eastern Seals of Southeastern Pennsylvania)
June 6 7:30a.m.
Girls on the Run 5K
(Zoo-hosted event,* organized by Girls on the Run)
June 7 7 a.m.

Rock 'n' Roar

June 9 11 a.m.

Rock 'n' Roar

June 23 11 a.m.

Red, White and Zoo 5K

July 3  

Rock 'n' Roar

July 7 11 a.m.

Rock 'n' Roar

July 21 11 a.m.

Summer Ale Fest

July 25  

Rock 'n' Roar

August 4 11 a.m.

Rock 'n' Roar

August 18 11 a.m.

*Events marked with an asterisk are brought to the Zoo by featured outside organizations and hosted by Philadelphia Zoo. Please contact the organizer for event details.