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The Zoo is Temporarily Closed to the Public

Daily Schedule

Connect With Animals

Meet with one of our amazing animal ambassadors from the Zoo on Wheels program. This program is geared for early learners ages 3 to 8.

10:00 AM


Learn About Lions

Join a special zookeeper chat about our endangered big cats.

10:30 AM

Big Cat Falls

Rats Who Recycle

Learn how to recycle with our trained rats who can sort trash and recyclable materials.

11:00 AM


Understanding Vampire Bats

Meet our vampire bat keeper and learn about this blood-thirsty and misunderstood creature as they have a feeding.

11:30 AM

Small Mammal House

Learn About Bears

Join our sloth bears and the keepers who take care of them to learn more about this unique species and watch them eat lunch.

12:00 PM

Bear Country

Giant Tortoise Talks

Come out of your shell and meet our creep of giant tortoises and their keepers.

12:30 PM

Reptile and Amphibian House

About Rodrigues Fruit Bats

Learn about this endangered species and how our staff played a critical role in returning this species from the brink of extinction.

1:00 PM

Rare Animal Conservation Center

Bird Watching

Let our bird keepers take you under their wing as they feed the birds and tell you more about each species.

1:30 PM

McNeil Avian Center

Goat Training

Meet us at the KidZooU Barnyard to watch our goats demonstrate their agility and trainability with a training demonstration.

2:00 PM


Hang Out With Primates

Learn about our troop of monkeys and apes from our primate keepers as they join us for a chat.

2:30 PM

PECO Primate Reserve

Philadelphia Zoo's SPRING BACK Fund

With your support, we CAN overcome this moment, but it’s going to take our entire Zoo family to make a difference…for​​​​​ our animals, our planet, and our Zoo.


Protect Our Only Home

A world where humans and animals coexist in harmony—that's our vision. By supporting the Zoo, you can help us bring it to life.

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Western Lowland Gorilla

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