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Child with Face Paint


Creature Comforts to Make Your Visit Bearable

Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals

Strollers, manual wheelchairs and a limited number of electric scooters are available to rent (while supplies are available) at the Zoo's Main Entrance. Please note that some of our buildings and exhibit areas are not stroller accessible. Single Stroller: $10 Double Stroller: $12 Wheelchair: $8 Electric Wheelchair: $30

Family Restrooms

The Zoo offers family restrooms at the Main Entrance, KidZooU, WildWorks Plaza, and across from the Colobus monkeys at the south end of the Zoo.

If You Need Assistance

Please contact a Zoo staff member for any security, emergency or first aid needs. You may also contact our staff by using the red emergency phones located throughout the Zoo, which are highlighted on our map.

Lost Children

Please ask any Zoo employee to notify Public Safety, or call on a red emergency phone.

Lost and Found

Lose or misplace something in the Zoo? Just ask any Zoo employee to direct you to our Lost and Found.