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BIG TIME is Open

We are BIG TIME excited…….about BIG TIME!

New immersive, multi-sensory, experience features 24-life-size, animatronic giants — ranging from the ferocious T-rex to the gigantic Woolly Mammoth, transporting guests through time from the Age of Dinosaurs to today.

Philadelphia, PA (March 17, 2020) –Philadelphia Zoo announced today, its new seasonal experience, BIG TIME: LIFE IN AN ENDANGEROUS AGE, is OPEN and ticket reservations should be made online! BIG TIME, an immersive, multi-sensory, experience features 24- life- size, realistic dinosaurs and other giants, taking guests through a variety of realistic, evocative landscapes, immersive sights and sounds, highlighting catastrophic historic events from the Age of Dinosaurs through today.

Guests will explore three dramatic points in time, beginning 250 million years when the mighty T-rex, and the humongous Alamosaurus roamed the Earth, to 66 million years ago when a huge asteroid slammed into Earth, ending the reign of dinosaurs like the mighty Triceratops; to a more recent period about 70,000 years ago, when humans spread across the globe, meeting saber-toothed cats, gorilla-sized lemurs and birds bigger than ostriches – all of which have since disappeared; to today, as animals like polar bears and elephants are at risk of the same fate, due to human activities.

“We are thrilled to launch the spring season and welcome guests to BIG TIME,” says Vikram H. Dewan, Philadelphia Zoo’s President & CEO. “This dynamic experience enables guests to walk among giants like the 98-foot-long, 6000lb, Alamosaurus, the largest dinosaur known in North America, or the Glyptodon, a relative of the armadillo, almost the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. BIG TIME immerses visitors in significant historic events, recreating what the world was like when these massive creatures roamed the planet, and offers ways to help endangered animals today by enacting change for a future where we can all thrive together,” says Dewan.

All of the dinosaurs were created by Media, PA based DinoDon, Inc. are the most accurate full-sized robotics yet made.

Some of the most recognizable dinosaurs at BIG TIME include a 40-foot-tall, 3000lb, T- rex, the Triceratops with three massive horns on its 1000lb head, a 40-foot-long, Edmontosaurus, a 30-foot-tall Quetzalcoatlus, showcasing an enormous 35-foot-long wingspan, and the Anzu, a feathered covered dinosaur resembling a bird, but reaching 10-feet-long.

Other giants featured include the Pachycephalosaurs, an herbivore, standing 15-foot-tall and weighing about 1000lbs., the Dakotaraptor, an 18-foot long feathered predator, the Saber-tooth tiger, a ferocious feline, sporting 11-inch fangs, a humongous 15-foot-tall, Woolly Mammoth, ancestor to the Asian elephant, and Megatherium the second largest land animal behind the woolly mammoth.

Also, at BIG TIME, guests will cross paths with a Megaladaplis or “Koala Lemur,” a prehistoric primate, see the Aepyornis, or “Elephant birds”, massive 10-foot-tall creatures weighing about 1200 lbs., and the Procoptodon, an ancestor of the kangaroo, that stands 10-feet-tall and weighs 500lbs., and the Thylacoleo, or “Marsupial lion”, the largest carnivorous mammal to inhabit Australia.

Returning to present day, guests will see realistic, life sized animals whose days are numbered due to the actions of humans. A huge Sumatran rhino asks for habitat protection, a massive polar bear reminds us of the effects of climate change, a colossal African elephant advocates to stop illegal trade, and a delicate monarch butterfly illustrates how we can all help wildlife.

As the BIG TIME journey ends, guests can TAKE THE PLEDGE to help endangered animals and enact change for a future where animals and humans can live and thrive together.
• Take a packet of seeds to grow a native plant garden to attract and sustain pollinators like the monarch butterfly.
• Send a postcard or sign an electronic petition to advocate for global conservation actions aimed at addressing wildlife extinction.
• Advocate for 30×30 and ask national and world leaders to protect 30% of lands and oceans by 2030.

In addition to delightful, dinosaur-themed eats, visitors can also check out the dino-themed retail area to check out all of the new BIG TIME merchandise, and of course grab a limited-edition dinosaur keys to use at audio boxes situated throughout the experience.

BIG TIME opens March 25th through September 30th. All reservations should be made online at  Tickets are the cost of General Zoo Admission $24 for ages 12+ and $19 for ages 2-11, children under 2 are free, plus entrance for Big Time $6 (adults and children ages 2+).  Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo with advance reservation and save on BIG TIME tickets.


All health and safety precautions are in place at the Zoo including the wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. For a full reminder of Philadelphia Zoo’s safety protocols, visit

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