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Board and Officers

Board of Directors

Joanna McNeil Lewis, Board Chair
Jack Ginter, Vice Chair
Michael Pearson, Vice Chair
Zachary Klehr, Vice Chair
John Walsh, Vice Chair

Omar Blaik
Ed Brassel
Jay H. Calvert, Jr.*
Phoebe Coles
George Day
Michael DiBerardinis
Brian Di Sabatino
Cynthia Figueroa
Joel Frank
John Fry
Robb Fox
Anthony E. Gay
Peter Gould
Carole Haas Gravagno
Nathaniel P. Hamilton, Jr.
Andrew Hoffman
Susan Hollenstein
Ramon Kemp
Martha King
Rich Lazer
Rachel Luber-Cevera
Chris Luning
Bill McNabb
Patricia Owens
John Paone
Dale Prestipino
Marcy Feldman Rost
Barbara Smit
Andrew Smith
Sam Whitaker
Sally West Williams


Dr. Jo-Elle Mogerman, President
Kristen Waldron, Chief of Staff, Corporate Secretary
Laurette Pitts, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer