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Meet Keematee

Meet Keematee

Meet our newly-named bear cub, Keematee! Thank you so much to the nearly 200,000 of you who voted to help us name our baby sloth bear. The word "keematee" means precious in Hindi— and our cub certainly exemplifies his new name!

Determining Sex

Determining the sex of an infant sloth bear cub isn’t as easy as it sounds. Typically, keepers take a hands-off approach, leaving mom to care for the baby, unless there is a situation that warrants interference. This combined with current social distancing between staff and carnivores including bears has prevented keepers in confirming the sex of the cub. Best guess is that the cub is a “he”, but keepers are not committing yet!

What's in a Name?

When creating the list of names keepers had a lot to consider including choosing names that are not gender-specific, are meaningful and fitting for the cub. With sloth bears being native to the lowland forests of India, and Sri Lanka, the names chosen are from the Hindi language.

Philadelphia Zoo's SPRING BACK FUND

With your support, we CAN overcome this moment, but it’s going to take our entire Zoo family to make a difference…for our animals, our planet, and our Zoo.