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LumiNature FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about LumiNature

What is LumiNature?

LumiNature is Philadelphia Zoo’s signature winter light show experience. With more than a million twinkling lights across 14 one-of-a-kind illuminated zones, LumiNature takes guests on a magical journey celebrating the wonder of wildlife and the beauty of our planet during the holiday season.

When can I make ticket reservations for LumiNature?

Timed tickets are now on sale! All guests must pre-purchase timed tickets here.

How much are LumiNature tickets for the general public?

Prices vary by visit date. For non-members, tickets for adults ages 12+ are $25 to $28, children ages 2-11 are $20 to $23, and children under 2 years old are free.

NEW THIS YEAR: For a limited time only, purchase LumiNature Anytime Admission tickets for just $33 for the ultimate flexibility. All other tickets require advance online reservation.

How much are LumiNature tickets for members?

Members save with special $18 Value Nights and discounted pricing on any other night! Discounted member tickets range from $22 to $24 for adults ages 12+ and $18 to $19 for children ages 2-11. Members also enjoy free parking for one vehicle per visit with a membership card.

NEW THIS YEAR: For a limited time only, members can purchase LumiNature Anytime Admission tickets for just $28 to visit on any operating night. All other tickets require advance online reservation.

When can I visit LumiNature?

LumiNature opens on Thursday, November 17 through Saturday, January 7. This much anticipated glittering extravaganza will again transform the Zoo from its daytime magic into a dazzling winter wonderland. Operating days are Wednesday through Sunday (closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), with reservations available from 5:00 p.m. through 9:00 p.m (10:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and all operating days from December 22 through December 30). LumiNature will close at 10:00 p.m. each night.

What will I see at LumiNature?

Featuring 14 illuminated zones, this tailor-made whimsical and fantastical adventure offers entertainment, seasonal fare, strolling performers, hot beverages, adult cocktails and all of the light and brilliance to spark the holiday spirit in everyone.

What other Zoo experiences can I enjoy when enjoying LumiNature?

LumiNature is an incredible, immersive experience that will take you on a magical journey unlike any other! While this whimsical and fantastical adventure will inspire a sense of wonder and connection to your favorite animals, please note that LumiNature is an outdoor experience. All of the Zoo’s animals will be off of public view and sleeping in their indoor exhibits.

Can I get food and drink while at LumiNature?

Yes! Enjoy hot chocolate, warm adult beverages, smore’s-making stations, and more sweet treats as you stroll through LumiNature.

14 Zones of Sparkle

Welcome to LumiNature: Cascading meteor light showers welcome guests from 34th street to Girard and past the Zoo to the parking garage area. On the Zoo’s main plaza, five, 80-foot-tall London Plane trees, wrapped in stunning multicolored lights, welcome all creating a fun and festive atmosphere for everyone, living, visiting or passing through the area.

Glow with the Flow: The adventure begins as guests arrive, entering a bright, beautiful setting of lit orbs, giant illuminated flowers and a massive array of strands of lighting overhead. Grab a delicious hot cocoa and scrumptious holiday snacks and enjoy!

Step into Whistle-Stop Wonder, set against the backdrop of sparkling light-filled trees, here kids can take a trip around Impala Fountain on the New Wilderness Express Train, enjoy delicious hot cocoa and seasonal treats while watching unique light artistes performing visually-stunning theatrics.

Snake Awake: Slither through brilliant purples, blues and greens as a giant snake slithers along beside you…and…every once in a while, a big illuminated mouse will appear suggesting a whimsical dance of a chase taking place.

Flamingo Fancy is back this season with its beautiful glowing pink and aquamarine lights. Punctuating Flamingo Fancy is the Winter of Love, a love-themed, 60s vibe area that features our famous 25 ft. tall pink flamingo tree made entirely of lit lawn flamingos. Kick back in some cozy bean bag chairs underneath some funky lights and enjoy some hot apple cider and hot chocolate – both available to be spiked! If your looking for a snack try our warm pretzels and a winter-themed beer.

Big Cat Stalk: What do the big cats dream of? Maybe us! Meander through a path of tall illuminated ‘grass’, while stalking eyes of frisky felines appear and disappear…. making you wonder….Now is the perfect time in your trek to stop by the Zoo’s gift shop and check out specially-themed LumiNature merchandise, and maybe catch a special performance occurring throughout the evening.

Penguin Prismatic: Witness a 40 ft. tall penguin glowing with 40,000 lights which unveil surprising images in a stunning fashion. Surrounded by a colony of colorful penguins reflecting on the Zoo’s Bird Lake, this show will give a whole new perspective on how fun it is to be a penguin.

Artic Passage, comes to life via an oversized, Earth- shaped 3D screen showing programmed lights, music, sound effects and color, all under a canopy of glowing lights.

At Tis the SEAson, plunge under the sea and adventure through a 100 ft. long aquarium tunnel filled with stunning lights, gigantic ultraviolet coral rock reef, dozens of enormous jellyfish and a 20 ft. tree decorated as a coral reef come to life.

Sweet Whimsicality is the perfect location to sit under brilliantly lit orbs and sparkling trees while snacking on gooey s’mores by the fire. Delightful hot cocoa, sweet snacks and a bubble performer will be sure to have you in the spirit of the season.

At Twilight Savanna, step into the heart of Africa as you wander the savanna and witness animals wandering their grasslands through imaginative video projection on striking rock walls. Oh, and be sure to be on the lookout for a 15 ft. tall blue gorilla!

In Our Neck of the Woods, celebrate our neighborhood, with each tree decorated by a different community group. Guests can then vote their favorite decorated tree for bragging rights!

Flutter Flair is the perfect photo taking location, with a stunning 22 ft. tall Butterfly Tree welcoming visitors through a magical land of oversized, whimsical monarch butterflies and beautifully-winged artistic performers.

Animale Fantasia: At this new showstopper, marvel at the enchanting animal animations awaken the child in all of us through cinematic storytelling and projection artistry. Cave-like screens situated on a field of lights choreographed to captivating music bring animal dreams to life!