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Nature Blazer Scavenger Hunt

Explore the naturehood

Experience the Zoo like never before with our NEW Nature Blazer Scavenger Hunt powered by TRAKID! Navigate our exhibits with a smart compass, completing challenges and answering trivia questions at each stop through an interactive mobile app. Available for purchase at the kiosks inside the main gate.

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Become a Nature Blazer

• Choose one guide to download the TRAKID app and connect up to 10 players per team.
• Upon arriving at Philly Zoo, the Nature Blazer team will assist you in connecting our Smart Compasses to the app. Once connected, our Smart Compass will tell you to “navigate,” providing directional arrows toward your next scavenger hunt point hidden within the park. The app will provide an image of the point you are searching for as a clue.
• When you approach a hidden location, the smart compass will indicate a point is nearby. With each discovery, you’ll unlock background information and bonus activities that further your progress along this scavenger hunt.

Our augmented Scavenger Hunt will empower you to lead an adventure, explore the Zoo, and visit a variety of animals and points of interest while learning what makes Philadelphia Zoo so unique!

Recommended for ages 4 & up. $10 per wristband. Available for purchase at the kiosk inside the main gate. Download the app in the App Store or the Play Store.