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[…] a family on these crafts, scavenger hunts, and experiments: Horse Hearing Nature Scavenger Hunt Home Scavenger Hunt Rethink Your Products Flamboyant Flamingos Reaching Great Lengths Why Do Tigers have Stripes Thumbless Tinkering Wild Competitors Hawks on the Hunt Learning through Play Reading and Writing: Practice reading, writing, and recognizing words and concepts: Enrichment Engineer […]
Jaguars are the largest cats in the Western Hemisphere, and the third largest overall. Only lions and tigers are bigger. Native to Central and South America, jaguars enjoy hunting during the late night hours, climbing into trees to wait and pounce on their prey. The irregular shapes within the rosette markings on a jaguar’s […]

Called “Cattle of Kings,” Ankole are renowned for massive crescent or lyre-shaped horns measuring up to 8-feet wide that continue to grow as the animals age, eventually weighing up to 15 lbs. each.

LumiNature at Philadelphia Zoo features more than a million twinkling lights in our biggest and brightest holiday light show yet!