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Buses will be directed to park along 34th Street, south of the entrance to Tiger Lot. Buses park for free, and bus drivers are admitted to the Zoo for free with proper ID. Anyone traveling in their own vehicle will need to pay for parking in any of our open lots.
[…] care, supports international environmental causes and works to save wildlife and habitats. Access to the Zoo offers a child the chance to see the magnificence of a tiger, and the awe of a gorilla, while learning about ecology and conservation. For many, a trip to the Zoo is the first and only time they […]
Tiger Terrace - featuring Aldo’s Burger and Pranzo! pizza.
Zoo parking is available in several lots and the Zoo Parking Garage along both Girard Avenue and 34th Street. Handicap spaces and spaces for vans are available in both Tiger Lot and the Parking Garage. Parking costs $17 per vehicle. Members park FREE - one vehicle per membership.