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Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorilla Treehouse Unveiled

Philadelphia Zoo Unveils New Gorilla Treehouse

(Philadelphia, PA) August 7, 2019 – Today, Philadelphia Zoo unveiled Gorilla Treehouse, a new aerial adventure for the Zoo’s majestic primates to enjoy! An enormous 20’ high climbing structure, Gorilla Treehouse offers highflying fun for the Zoo’s amazing gorillas and is made of white oak, black locust and cedar wood. The new atmosphere is enriching the days of some of the Zoo’s most popular residents by offering additional exercise and daily fun.

Guests can watch adorable toddlers Amani and Ajabu, large males Motuba, Louis and Kuchimba and moms Honi and Kira climb, swing, stroll and chill in this exciting new environment.

“We are thrilled to open the new Gorilla Treehouse,” says Michael Stern, Curator of Primates. “Our gorillas have new enriching experiences, more opportunities for exercise and the chance for a different view of the world, while zoo guests can see these rare and endangered apes utilizing their outside space like never before. Thank you to all the donors who made this possible,” says Stern.
Gorilla Treehouse was made possible by a group of generous philanthropists, including lead donors the Korman Family, Tom Hartman & AnnMarie Byrnes and the Ruth Solomon Fund.
Philadelphia Zoo is home to seven Western lowland gorillas, the family group who includes Motuba, Honi, Kira, Amani and Ajabu and bachelor group who includes males Louis and Kuchimba. Western lowland gorillas are listed as Critically Endangered in the wild by The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss, illegal hunting and disease. Guests can help gorillas living here and across the globe by making smart choices to save energy to save wildlife.