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Philly Zoo at 2 Live Videos

Your Gateway to Wildlife Discovery

Take a trip to Philadelphia Zoo from the comfort of your home! Although we are closed, we continue to inspire action on behalf of wildlife and their habitats. Each weekday at 2:00 p.m. we'll introduce you to one of Philadelphia Zoo's amazing animals during our Philly Zoo at 2 Facebook Live series. Afterwards, join us here for additional educational resources and activities.

August 5 - Flamingo Chick

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July 28 - Mini Horse

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July 22 - Penguin

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June 12 - Southern Ground Hornbill

Our flock of southern ground hornbills take center stage in this segment of Philly Zoo at 2.

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black and white ruffed lemur_background

June 11 - Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs

Meet our black-and-white ruffed lemur family including, two new additions: young lemurs, Olivia and Mikey!

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June 10 - Red River Hogs

Tune in to meet the most colorful pig species on the planet - red river hogs!

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June 9 - Penguin

Dive into this segment of Philly Zoo at 2 featuring our colony of Humboldt penguins.

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June 8 - Chickens

Flock to KidZooU for the latest episode of Philly Zoo at 2 featuring our chickens.

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June 5 - American Kestrel

Meet our American kestrel.

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Otter Falls Slide

June 4 - Otter

Celebrate an otterly wonderful birthday with out giant river otters.

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June 3 - Rainbow Boa

Ssslither into today's Philly Zoo at 2 with Rojo, our rainbow boa!

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western lowland gorilla_header

June 2 - Western Lowland Gorilla

Celebrate a very special 3rd birthday with our western lowland gorilla troop.

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June 1 - Bird Enrichment

What is animal enrichment? How do we make enrichment? Tune in to find out!

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May 28 - Giraffe

Tall order today! Tune in to Philly Zoo at 2 and meet our giraffe family - Gus, Stella and Abby!

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giant otter_background

May 27 - Otter

We can't celebrate World Otter Day without visiting our giant river otters!

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trumpeter swan_2

May 26 - Trumpeter Swan

Meet Dizzy and Gillespie, our trumpeter swans and two of the largest water fowl in the world!

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bald eagle_background

May 22 - Bald Eagle

Fly, Eagles, Fly. Bald eagles, Ritz and Glory, take center stage in this segment of Philly Zoo at 2.

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turtles and tortoises_background

May 21 - Giant Tortoise

Meet some of the largest tortoises in the world, our Aldabra and Galapagos tortoises.

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May 20 - Legless Lizard/Corn Snake

A lizard or a snake? We meet both on this segment of Philly Zoo at 2.

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May 19 - Hippo

Big and beautiful, meet Cindy and Unna, two of the largest animals at Philadelphia Zoo.

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May 18 - Harris Hawk

Meet Phoenix, our beautiful Harris hawk!

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May 14 - Arapawa Goat

Journey over to KidZooU and encounter one of the rarest goat breeds in the world.

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May 13 - Sloth Bear

Meet our male sloth bears Bhalu and Balowat!

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May 12 - Dr. Keith Hinshaw

Meet our top doc - Director of Animal Health, Dr. Keith Hinshaw, and learn how we provide top veterinary care for all the animals at Philadelphia Zoo.

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May 11 - All About Frogs

Hop, leap and jump over to KidZooU and meet with some of the Zoo's frogs and Dr. Carlos Martinez Rivera, our Amphibian Conservation Biologist.

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andean gosling

May 8 - Andean Goslings

Too cute! Fly over to Bird Valley and meet our newly-hatched Andean goslings.

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May 7 - Wings of Asia

Flock to Wings of Asia and meet a variety of beautiful and unique birds from the world's largest continent.

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May 6 - Sifaka lemur

Meet our family of sifaka lemurs as they bound around their exhibit in PECO Primate Reserve.

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Zoo360 Tigers

May 5 - Tiger

Amur tiger brothers, Wiz & Dimitri, explore a newly-renovated exhibit for the first time.

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May 4 - Andean Condor

Bald is beautiful! And accurately describes Princess, our Andean condor.

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May 1 - Western Burrowing Owl

Meet Charlie, our western burrowing owl!

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April 30 - Nine-Banded Armadillo

Nine is divine! Meet our pair of nine-banded armadillos.

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April 29 - Spider Monkey

Swing into Philly Zoo at 2 with our acrobatic spider monkeys.

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April 28 - Kangaroo

Hop, jump and leap over to Outback Outpost for an afternoon with our kangaroos.

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