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Tigers are the largest big cats in the world, and Amur tigers are the biggest of the tiger subspecies. Amur tigers can grow to 12 feet long, from nose to the tip of their tail. Males typically weigh between 385-570 pounds.
African lion Amur leopard Amur tiger Bald eagle Black-and-white ruffed lemur Bolivian gray titi monkey Caribbean flamingo Cheetah Coquerel's sifaka Galapagos tortoise Giant river otter Giraffe Golden lion tamarin Guam kingfisher Harlequin frog Hippopotamus Hoffmann's two-toed sloth Humboldt penguin Jaguar Kangaroo King cobra Maned wolf Meerkat Naked mole rat Puma Red panda Snow leopard […]
Lions and tigers, oh my. Here you’ll find our family of large and endangered cats from around the world.
Parking Cost: $17 (free for members - one car per membership) Parking is available at the Zoo Garage at 35th & Girard Ave, Tiger Parking Lot, and Zoological Drive. Handicapped accessible spots and spaces for vans are available in Tiger Lot and the Parking Garage.