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Changes For The Year 2023

We are so excited to introduce a few new animals to the UNLESS Contest! This year, participants can choose to champion for Rodrigues Fruit Bats, Golden Lion Tamarins, McCord’s Box Turtles, Indian White-eyes, and African Lions. The Philadelphia Zoo works to support a number of conservation projects conserving these species, and are excited to join forces with UNLESS Contest Participants to further support these efforts!

We challenge our teams this year to dig deeper in your own communities. Now is the time to rethink our relationships with so many things – our planet, our neighbors, our lifestyles, our health – and how they are all interconnected. Although we focus on species from different parts of the world, but their stories match those to wildlife that live right in our backyards. While considering these global challenges, we encourage you to find connections to make a positive impact for your local wildlife and community. Who are the wildlife that live there? How are they experiencing similar challenges? What are things that you can do to support them while supporting our focus species?