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Zoo Safety & Etiquette

Philadelphia Zoo holds safety for staff, animals and guests as our highest priority. Safety-focused and emergency-focused policies, procedures and training, 24/7 Public Safety staffing and overall extensive staff presence during public hours, careful consideration of the physical environment, a strong communication network, ongoing review of opportunities for risk mitigation, and solicitation of external expertise all reflect and support the commitment to guest safety, as does our incorporation of safety considerations in all of our decision-making. At the same time, safety depends on all parties respecting safety guidelines and remaining vigilant. Our expectation is that guests take the same care and precautions they would in other public places.

Helpful Tips and Reminders for your Visit
For the benefit of our animals, our guests, and yourself, please follow the guidelines and policies below. By reading over and practicing these tips, you are doing your part to ensure that all guests and animals have a happy and healthy day at the Zoo.

For the safety and security of our animals and our guests Philadelphia Zoo has implemented a bag screening process for everyone that enters through our historic gates. Each screening only takes a moment and involves a hand-check of all bags, strollers, briefcases, purses and containers.

The following items are strictly prohibited:

  • Weapons/firearms or items that appear to be weapons, including toy guns.
  • Knives/blades longer than 3.5 inches.
  • Clubs, hammers, martial arts devices, and related items.
  • Flammable liquids and gases greater than 0.5 oz.
  • Fireworks, ammunitions, explosive devices, and related materials.
  • Paint and related marking materials; spray cans and other aerosols.
  • Other items deemed dangerous, suspicious, or inappropriate.
  • Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones), or any similar remote-controlled vehicles/flying devices, is not permitted on the property without prior approval.
  • Smoking is prohibited, including e-cigarettes.

Animals have feelings too. Please do not throw objects, tap or bang on exhibit glass, or play music in the Zoo.
All of our animals get room service. Our keepers prepare special meals for each of our animals. People food is not on their menu, so please do not share your food with them.

For the health of our animals, no pets are permitted in the Zoo.

We welcome you to take photographs and video of your experience at the Zoo for personal use only. If you intend on taking photographs for professional or commercial use, please contact our Communications Department at (215) 243-5305.

There are many beautiful things growing throughout our historic, 42-acre Zoo. Help us keep them alive for all to enjoy by not climbing the trees, picking flowers, or disturbing the landscape.

If someone is acting inappropriately or dangerously, they may be escorted from the Zoo. If you see someone acting in this manner, please contact a Zoo staff member by using a red emergency phone on Zoo grounds.

Please respect the security walls and fences throughout the Zoo, as they are there for the safety and protection of both our guests and our animals.

Please keep in mind that you may not see every animal listed when you visit the Zoo and their locations are subject to change. The Zoo does not issue rain checks or refunds, but we invite you to come back and visit us again as the seasons and experience are ever-changing.

Philadelphia Zoo is private property, all rights are expressed and implied.